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Crossroads Cultural Connections Receives $10,000 Grant from Illinois Humanities


Crossroads Cultural Connections was named as one of 27 organizations across the State of Illinois to receive a $10,000 Foreground Rural Initiative grant from Illinois Humanities. The grant is the first of it’s kind dedicated to supporting the arts and humanities in rural and small towns in Illinois. Illinois Humanities will also partner with grantees on the co-creation of hubs that will host community programming in 2023 in the regions they are located in. All of this is bolstered by a multi-year commitment from the organization to not only seed growth, but ensure it flourishes.

“While we are proud of the work we have done, there is much room for growth and improvement as we continue to strive to increase our impact while making the efforts sustainable indefinitely. In the short term we have equipment that needs to be purchased. Looking further into the future, we would like to work towards raising enough funds to make as many of the events as possible free, while still being able to pay artists a living wage.” says John Taylor, president of Crossroads Cultural Connections.

Crossroads Cultural Connections, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing the transformative power of music and the arts to Henry County, Illinois and the surrounding area. Crossroads provides opportunities to experience live music and the arts in a variety of ways, including its two main programs, the visiting artist school program and concerts, with the goal of adding cultural, social, and economic vitality for decades to come.

The organization launched its first programming at the beginning of 2022 and by the end of the year will have completed seven visiting artist school programs, five of which have already completed and reached approximately 4,500 students, teachers, and family members of students right here in Henry County. In addition, the organization has hosted four free concerts outside of the concerts that accompanied school visits, the Sunday Getaway Concerts, or the regular suggested donation concerts this year. In its first year Crossroads will have hosted and/or partnered on 89 public events and will have brought over $25,000 of outside dollars in the form of grants into Henry County.

For a calendar of upcoming events, to get involved, and for more information please visit: xroads.org.

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