Easter Egg Safety Tips from the Henry and Stark County Health Departments


With Easter this weekend, The Henry and Stark County Health Departments offer tips on egg safety to avoid getting sick from improperly prepared eggs from Easter festivities, such as an Easter egg hunt. In years past, various instances of food borne illnesses have been associated with the consumption of improperly prepared Easter eggs. The Henry and Stark County Health Departments recommend the following guidelines to help insure a safe and enjoyable holiday

  • Use only fresh, clean, unbroken eggs that have been obtained from a reliable source and kept refrigerated.
  • Eggs should be prepared by healthy persons who observe good hygienic practices such as frequent hand washing and proper cleaning of cooking utensils.
  • Eggs should not be allowed to cool in standing water. They should be placed into the refrigerator immediately after cooking.
  • Hard-boiled eggs must remain refrigerated after preparation and coloring, and used within seven days.
  • It’s safe to keep the eggs outside for an hour or two during an Easter egg hunt, but any eggs that are not consumed right away must be returned to the refrigerator.
  • Hide eggs so they stay clear of pets, dirt and other sources of bacteria.
  • To be extra cautious, cook two sets of eggs, one for hiding and decorating with, and another for eating.

Hard-boiled eggs, in the shell or peeled, do not keep as well as raw eggs, so discard any leftover eggs after one week. Whether preparing, serving, hunting or decorating with eggs, it’s easy for everyone to have a splendid Easter celebration while still staying safe.

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