Former Henry County Correctional Officer gets Probation for Sexual Contact with Female Inmates


A former Correctional Officer at the Henry County Jail pleaded guilty to two counts of Custodial Sexual Misconduct during a plea hearing on December 13, 2022.  The remaining two counts of Official Misconduct were dismissed as part of the plea deal.  Trayton Jones, 22, of Toulon committed acts of sexual penetration with two female inmates, PA and NH, between January 1, 2022, and April 18, 2022, while he was employed as a Correctional Officer with the Henry County Sheriff’s Office.  The Illinois State Police conducted an investigation after an inmate in the Henry County Jail reported sexual misconduct by Mr. Jones in April 2022.

Jones got 30 months probation plus fines and assessments.  Jones must register as a sex offender for 10 years, this could be extended if there are any violations by Mr. Jones.  Jones must submit to DNA testing and pay the $250 DNA fine.  There is a $2,000 fine plus felony sex offender assessments, including the $950 sex offender evaluation order.  The $5,000 bond posted by Jones in April will cover the fines and assessments incurred as part of the plea deal.

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