Galesburg Awarded Grants for Lead Hazard Remediation in Homes Throughout the Community


The City of Galesburg still has grant funding available to help improve homes and reduce housing-related health and safety hazards. Details on the grant programs, as well as a link to sign-up for e-alerts when new housing grant information is posted, are provided below.

The City of Galesburg, Illinois was awarded a Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Help Eliminate Lead Program Grant in 2019, funded through a Lead Based Paint Hazard Control Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  This grant will continue to run through 2023. Grant monies are being used for lead hazard remediation in low-to-moderate-income, privately-owned, owner-occupied, and rental units up to four per dwelling, throughout the community.  The program has successfully completed 54 homes with ten more contracts signed and five awaiting the bid process. This program will not only improve a homeowner’s property but will help to keep occupants healthy and safe from possible lead hazards.

Eligible households include those with pregnant women, children under six, children with elevated blood lead levels, and households where children under six frequently visit. Frequent visitation is defined as three hours a day, two days a week or a total of 60 hours a year. Eligible residences will need to be located in Galesburg city limits, built prior to 1978, and have lead-based paint hazards in order to be considered for this program.

The program is designed to provide lead-safe housing to privately-owned owner-occupied and rental units at no cost to owner occupied homes or rental occupants. Landlords with vacant units may also qualify, with specific rental agreements following completion of work. Landlords may have to cover additional costs above HUD established funding limits but will have the choice to not participate in the program.

A family of four can qualify for the grant with an annual income of $60,700 or less. Additional funding will include Healthy Homes Supplemental Funding. These funds will be used to enhance, expand, and strengthen activities that reduce significant housing-related health and safety hazards. Landlords are encouraged to apply for their rental units up to four units per dwelling. Eligibility is based on the tenant’s income.

Interested parties may sign up to receive an e-alert when new housing grant information is posted on the city’s website by selecting the option to “get notified of updates” on the city’s homepage, or visiting the e-notify page directly. Several categories of alerts are available, including housing grants, and subscribers will enter their email or phone number, and select all categories for which they would like to receive text or email updates.

More information is available on the city’s website, and applications can be requested by contacting Darrin Taflinger at Western Illinois Regional Council at 309-837-3941, or Judy Simkins at the City of Galesburg at 309-345-3652.

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