Galva Chamber of Commerce Seeking Nominations for Citizen of the Year


Do you know a Galva resident who is outstanding? A Galva resident worthy of being honored for all that they do? You can now nominate that Galva resident for Galva Citizen of the Year. The Galva Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday announced the opening of nominations for the annual award with a submission deadline of December 5th, 2022.  You can submit your nominations via Facebook messenger on the Galva Chamber of Commerce Facebook page or by mailing a nomination to the Galva Chamber of Commerce at P.O Box 112 Galva, IL. You can also send in your nomination in an email to [email protected] Include the name of your nominee and why you feel they are deserving of being the Citizen of the Year.

Past Galva Citizen of the Year winners include:
James B. Young, Milo Watson, C. Forrest Bailey, Roy Holding, Charles Whitney, Leo Windish, Sam Mendel, Dr. L.C. Burkey, R.M. Everett, Homer Pryor, Mary Lou Holding, Dr. C.J. Maginel, George Swank, Carolyn Ossian, Dr. Paul Schmidt, Chuck Hay, Leon Lewin, Frances Thompson, Galva Food Pantry, Dr. Marian Blust, Rev. Kennth Starnes, William Heiwig, Ann Smith, Marilyn (Mrs. Bill) Wilson, Keith Carter, Warren Arter, Herb Rodgers, Rob Clark, Sherm Raley, Bob Miller, Pete VanDeVelde, Tim Foley, Emily Kneen, Galva Tutoring Center, Bev Everett, Denny Anderson, John Sloan, Sharon Murray, Duane Bell, Will Thomson, Bernie Cromien, Reynolds “Rip” Everett, Nancy Ingels, Dwain Jacobson, Steve Bell, Scott Caravello, Teresa Costin, Jordan Murray, Jason Bates, John Hathaway, Dan Rux, and David McClintic

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