Galva Man Got Probation and Electronic Home Monitoring for Residential Burglary


A 28-year-old man from Galva took a plea that gives him a second chance to get help for addiction problems and clear his record if he successfully completes the program.  Dillon Schilling plead guilty to Residential Burglary, which is a Class 1 Felony and carries a 4 to 15 year Prison sentence but Probation is possible.  Dillon Schilling was given four years of TASC Probation, 180 days in the Henry County Jail, a $10,000 fine plus assessments, seek controlled substance treatment, submit a DNA Sample, Consume no drugs or alcohol and submit to random testing.  Schilling served 10 of the 90 days in jail and will serve the remaining 80 days with Electronic Home Monitoring.

Treatment Alternatives for Safer Communities (TASC) is intended to help people with addiction problems and no prior record, that committed the crime due to addiction, a second chance to get help.  Upon successful completion of the program, Schilling can petition the court to vacate the conviction with possible expungement.  During the probation period, the defendant will receive counseling and treatment for substance abuse or mental health challenges. They may also be required to fulfill other conditions, such as court appearances, community service or enroll in classes.

The State Attorney’s Office sent a letter to the victim, Ian Bliss, regarding the plea but did not hear hear back from Mr. Bliss.  Schilling is charged with Armed Violence (Class X Felony), Residential Burglary (Class 1 Felony), Theft (Class A Misdemeanor), Possession of 30-100 grams of Cannabis (Class A Misdemeanor), Possession of a Forearm (Class A Misdemeanor) and Manufacture or Deliver 30-500 grams of Cannabis (Class 3 Felony).

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