Henry County Circuit Court Judge Dana McReynolds Discusses His Career and Retirment with WKEI


Henry County Circuit Court Judge Dana McReynolds announced his retirement last week with a letter to the judiciary and to RegionalMediaNews.com. In the letter he thanked the people of Henry County and praised the many people he has worked with at the Henry County Courthouse as well as those he worked with in court proceedings in Kewanee. Judge McReynolds had been appointed to the Circuit Court in 2020 to fill a vacancy and had planned his retirement prior to the announcement last week after deciding not to run to be elected. Judge McReynolds spoke to WKEI about his retirement, the state of the Henry County Court System today, and the advice he gives for those entering work in the Henry County Courts in the future. The retiring Judge also spoke critically of the newly amended SAFE-T Act, specifically the Cash Bail aspect of the bill. In our conversation Judge McReynolds was critical of the bill for not including the input of Judges and Prosecutors though he also stated that with his retirement approaching, he’d not studied the changes coming via the SAFE-T Act, closely as he will leave office before the changes are implemented.

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