Irene’s Entropy Brings a Unique Music Story to Bishop Hill This Weekend


When she was nineteen years old, the young woman behind the music of Irene’s Entropy, left a cult that she’d been born into. Today, she brings a very unique perspective to her music via her extraordinary journey. The band, now known as Irene’s Entropy, will play a concert at the Bishop Hill Creative Commons on Sunday, January 8th, at 6 Pm. Tickets for the show are a suggested donation of $15 to $25.00. The usual potluck that accompanies concerts at the Bishop Creative Commons will begin at 5 Pm rather than the usual 6 Pm, to accommodate an earlier start time for the concert.

The show is considered an all-ages show but due to the content of Irene’s lyrics regarding escaping a religious cult, parental guidance is recommended. Catch a sample of Irene’s Entropy below…

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