IRS Warning Illinois Residents About Rise in Scams Targeting Seniors


The Internal Revenue Service has issued an urgent alert regarding an uptick in impersonation scams, particularly targeting the elder population. These scams involve fraudsters posing as government officials, such as IRS agents, exploiting seniors by soliciting personal information and financial payments through deceptive tactics. The warning aligns with activities leading up to World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, emphasizing the need for vigilance against such fraudulent acts.

Victims are often pressured through phone calls or electronic messages, pressing for immediate payments via unconventional methods like gift cards or wire transfers under the guise of resolving made-up tax issues. The IRS advises everyone, especially seniors, to be skeptical of unsolicited requests for payment or personal information. Communications from the IRS usually begin with a mailed letter. If you suspect fraud, verify by contacting official IRS numbers or use the IRS online resources.

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