Judge Dana McReynolds Announces Retirement, Colby Hathaway Swearing-In Ceremony 12/5/2022


Judge Dana McReynolds retires after 32 years on the Bench and 13 years as a Public Defender prior to that in Henry County Circuit Court.  Judge McReynolds last day is December 5, 2022, and Judge Elect Colby Hathaway will be sworn in the morning of December 5th.  The swearing-in ceremony is open to the public but the time hasn’t been determined at the time of this writing.  Judge McReynolds has served the people of Henry County at the Henry County Courthouse and the Circuit Court in Kewanee City Hall.  Judge McReynolds will be in Kewanee on Friday for his last day as a sitting Judge.  Listen to WKEI on Tuesday, December 6, 2022, at 8:25 AM to hear Sean Kernan interview Judge Dana McReynolds

Judge McReynolds wrote in his memorandums to Chief Justice Mary Jane Theis and Chief Judge Clarence M Darrow “It is not without a great deal of sadness that I retire from the Bench.  My career has been the fulfillment of a dream and a wonderful experience both personally and for my family, and, hopefully one that has left a positive mark on the lives of those affected by my decisions”.

“I am especially thankful for all those I have had the privilege to work with over the years.  From my peers, to my fellow attorneys, to the wonderful hardworking employees of the offices of the circuit clerks, sheriffs, states attorneys, court services and public defenders who do their jobs daily in the courtrooms.  I have felt a camaraderie and a sense of common professional purpose.”

“In closing, it is my heartfelt wish for the future of our democracy to be ever mindful of the importance of the independence of the judiciary and that our judges be free to render their decisions without external or internal influences or pressures from political groups, executive branch officials, or legislative reactions.  We must always strive to be fair, impartial, respectful, attentive and compassionate to the parties before us and above all render Justice under the law.”

“Thanking you and all with whom I have come in contact as a jurist for the opportunity to serve my fellow citizens, I remain, Very truly yours, Dana R McReynolds, Circuit Judge Henry County Courthouse.”

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