Kewanee and Wethersfield Students Take Part in Kiwanis Career Day


On Wednesday, students from Kewanee and Wethersfield High Schools were visiting local businesses that fit their interest for a potential career. OSF Healthcare and the Henry and Stark County Health Department each noted hosting students for a walk through and introduction to the kinds of careers available in the healthcare field. Other local businesses also welcomed the students and introduced them to fields in veterinary science, real estate, and in running businesses like restaurants and clothing shops. The Career Day is the signature service event of Kiwanis and business owning Kiwanis members were a key factor in organizing the Career Day which has a goal of introducing students to local businesses that may help bring them back to Kewanee after college or keep them in Kewanee to start a career out of High School. The photo collage below, in PDF form,  was provided by Kiwanis and Kewanee High School and features students who took part in Career Day at vari0us locations.

Copy of Kiwanis signature service project

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