Kewanee Back When Remembering the Murders of 1995


In the second installment of what Dave Clarke has dubbed Murder We Wrote, due to the brave reporting done by journalists at the Star Courier on these shocking cases we look back on 1995 in Kewanee when the town was rocked by a pair of high profile murders. In February of 1995 a man by the name of Martin Wooley murdered Dianna Turley and Rane Baldwin at Phylly’s Bar in Kewanee following an alleged argument. Dave takes us through the story with insight provided by the actual stories of Star Courier writer Judy Schehl and his own recollection of the shocking incident. And then, Dave walks us through the terrifying murder of prominent Kewanee citizen, Laurie Gwinn. Gwinn was killed in August of 1995 by alleged serial killer, Arlie Ray Davis and his partner James Linsley. With insights provided by the reporting of Judy Schehl and fellow reporter Martha Szalo, Dave takes us back to the scene of the crime to reflect on the the effect this shocking murder had on the town and to remember Laurie Gwinn, the victim of this horrendous crime.

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