Kewanee Back When: The Secret Life of Randall Parrish


Most people know Randall Parrish from his inclusion in Kewanee’s Author’s Mural. He’s there because he wrote a series of very popular novels in his lifetime. But Randall Parrish had a secret life, one not well known to his friends and fans in his hometown, Kewanee. Before 1900, Parrish was a small time crime, passing himself off as a Pastor and using the cloak of the clergy, Parrish created a life of crime via a complicated check scam. For years, no one knew this about Randall Parrish. It wasn’t until historian and author Dean Karau began looking into the life of Randall Parrish that he uncovered this little known aspect of the famed author’s life. Dean joined Dave Clarke and Sean Kernan on Wake Up Tri-Counties to talk about this incredible story.

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