Kewanee Band Students Recognized Among the Best at Three Rivers Conference Music Festival


Earlier this week, Kewanee High School played host to the Three Rivers Conference Music Festival in the Brockman Gymnasium at Kewanee High School. 15 schools in the Three Rivers Conference were featured as part of the event with bands and band members playing for a live audience and on the Kewanee High School YouTube page…

Following the event, it was announced that 21 Kewanee High School Band and Choir members had been selected for Honor Band and Honor Choir respectively…

21 KHS Students were selected to these ensembles by nomination. Congratulations to each of them on this achievement!


Natalie Maxon, Flute

McKenzie Carton, Clarinet

Cooper Bates, Alto Saxophone

Sheadon Oetzel, Tenor Saxophone

William Ly, Baritone Saxophone

Parker DeBord, Trumpet

Bethany Olalde, French Horn

Victoria Dennison, French Horn

Brooklyn Schiltz, Euphonium

Shaan Dev, Tuba

Marcos Pagan, Percussion (First Chair)

Alternates: Abbie DeSchepper (Trombone) and Rebeca Corral (Trombone)


Ashley VanWassenhove, Soprano

Bethany VanWassenhove, Soprano

Abbie Bartell, Alto

Jersie Duytschaver, Alto

Alex Hager, Tenor

Laryn Conley, Tenor

Dade Aldred, Tenor

Cameron Bates, Tenor

Isaac Lynes, Bass

Chase Palm, Bass



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