Kewanee Buy, Sell Trade Group Hit with Series of Scam Posts Involving Injured Pets


The Kewanee Buy, Sell, Trade Facebook group has been plagued with oddly similar scam posts over the past 24 to 48 hours. Posters to the group have been posting pictures of injured dogs claiming that they had found the dog injured and were using the group to try and reunite the dog with its owner. An example of the scam post is below.

“I hit this pup with my truck 😭 in #Kewanee, he is alive but he can’t stand. I feel so miserable, I took him to the vet, he is not chipped. I know someone is looking for him. Please bump this post to help me find the owner.”

Several other, similar posts made similar claims with the phrase ‘Bump this post’ or simply, share this post, a common part of the scam post. The scam is aimed at finding kind souls willing to share this post. Those people would then be specifically targeted by scam posters. USA Today reported on this scam back in October when it popped up on other Facebook groups across the country. Do not share these posts or you may be the target of scammers who may reach out to you asking for financial help for care for the injured dog.


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