Kewanee Central Volleyball Continues Undefeated Run


Results courtesy of Coaches Amanda Johnson and Nikki Kubiak…

7th grade: Monmouth- Roseville won in two games 25- , 25-

Ace Leader: Lily Lee, Liv Ralson, Jziyah Wofford- 2 each
Kill Leader: Jziyah Wofford and S’nii Perry 1 kill each
Assist Leader: Lily Lee – 1

Overall Record: 1-15, Conference record 0-8
Coached by Brooklyn Pickering and Nikki Kubiak

8th grade: Kewanee Central won in two games 25-16, 25-16

Ace leaders: Kolbie Cernovich – 5, Remy Hicks – 4
Assist leaders: Macee Pickering 3, Rylie Pfister – 2
Kill leaders: Jendayia Crowe 3, Macee Pickering 2, Damaris Diaz 2, Kolbie Cernovich 2
Block leader: Jendayia Crowe 2, Damaris Diaz 1
Dig Leaders: Macy Anderson and Remy Hicks 1 each

Overall Record: 16-0, Conference record 8-0
Coached by Amanda Johnson and Nikki Kubiak

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