Kewanee City Council Agenda for Monday November 14th


1. Roll Call
2. Consent Agenda
a. Approval of Minutes
b. Payroll
c. Staff Reports
3. Presentation of Bills and Claims
4. Swearing in of new personnel (if applicable)
5. Public Participation
6. New Business
a) Consideration of Ordinance #4112 granting a request for variance to Moises and
Jessi Martinez of 234 S Chestnut St, Kewanee, IL.
b) Consideration of Resolution #5372 to set the dates for Council Meetings for the 2023
calendar year.
c) Consideration of Resolution # 5373 authorizing the City Manager to execute
documents for the renewal of a self-funded insurance plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield
of Illinois and other carriers for the plan year 2023.
d) Consideration of Resolution # 5374 authorizing the City Manager and Fire Chief to
execute an amended agreement with the Kewanee Community Fire Protection District
to supply EMS coverage to the residents of their district and charge fees to said
services that more adequately account for the costs of service delivery.
e) Consideration of Resolution # 5375 authorizing the City Manager to execute an
amendment to an agreement with Hutchison Engineering for professional services
related to the implementation of a safe routes to school grant.
f) Consideration of Ordinance # 4113 directing the sale of excess Real Estate located at
1st & Chestnut.
7. Council Communications:
8. Announcements:
9. Adjournment:

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