Kewanee High School Fall Play Bethel Park Opens October 28th


The Kewanee High School Fall Play is called Bethel Park and the first performance is set for Saturday, October 28th, 2023 at 7 PM. That will be followed by an afternoon performance of the play on Sunday, October 29th, at 2 PM.

“The residents of the small town of Bethel are facing a crisis: Their beloved park has been sold out from under them and it’s sending their lives into a tailspin. In nine interconnected vignettes, sixteen locals grapple with the loss of jobs, homes, and spouses, but find love, courage, and forgiveness as the park magically transforms through four seasons of the year in a single day. From a tired security guard trying get home to her kids, to a young mayor in over his head, to a nostalgic fisherman who can’t seem to catch anything, everyone takes a fall… and picks themselves up again. Bethel Park Falls draws a group of complex, fascinating, funny people together into one poignant story about the spaces where communities connect.”

Cast List

Glenn / Ash / Garnet: Cooper Bates

Clay / Reed / Sonny: Alex Hager

Dusty / Cliff: Isaac Lynes

Lily / Hazel: Laryn Conley

Holly / Dawn: Tori Dennison

Brooke / Gaia / April: Tessa Mitchell

June: Julia Pendergrass

Elwood: Addison Gerard

Park Ensemble: Chloie Miller, Shawn Roller, Cameron Bates, Breanna Nebinger, Dalton Swearingen

Crew Leader:
Ashley Van Wassenhove

Director Assistant

Faith Frykman

Set Design Builders

Marcos Torres

Faith Frykman

Nayeli Leon

Jesse Anderson


Faith Frykman

Marcos Torres

Jesse Anderson

Hair & Makeup

Nayeli Leon

Leah Loibl


Jesse Anderson


Kaiden Goffrier

Jesse Anderson

Directed by Mr. Campbell

“We could not have put this production together without the support of the following:
Dr. Sullens, Mrs. Baney, Ms. Olalde, Miss Yelm, Mr. Murphy, Larry Flannery, B & B Printing, and Breedloves. Thank you for everything you have done to help make the KHS Theater Department simply the best!” Mr. Campbell

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