Kewanee Park Board Approves New Sprayer and Activity Rate and Wage Increases


The Kewanee Park Board met on January 19, 2023, for their monthly meeting.  Watch the meeting here.  The board approved the acquisition of a sprayer.  The board expressed their disappointment with the final cost being much higher than the bid price.  Director Dwyer said he expressed disappointment to the company over the price increase and attempted to find a better price but couldn’t find a better price anywhere.  The board discussed the formation of a 501c3 foundation for the Park District.  Director, Andy Dwyer, will do more research on the process and costs to form a foundation.  The board approved rate increases for Park District activities due to increased costs of supplies and minimum wage increases.  The Board approved the following wage increases from closed session:

  • Dwyer 3% to $37.07/hr equivalent
  • Erickson 3% to $28.83 /hr equivalent
  • Roeder 3% to $26.05 hr equivalent
  • Ince 3% to $18.53 / hr
  • Ehnle 3% to $18.53/hr equivalent
  • LaFollette 6% to $17.00 /hr
  • Swearingen 7% to $14.00 /hr
  • Maxon 6% to $16.00 /hr

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