Kewanee Set Movie ‘All Gone Wrong’ Available Today for Streaming Rental


The new movie All Gone Wrong from filmmaker Josh Guffey is available for streaming rental beginning today. Our reporter and resident film critic Sean Kernan, saw the film earlier this week and clears up some misconceptions about the movie.

The film is set in Kewanee but was not filmed in Kewanee. When you see All Gone Wrong you will hear characters talk about Kewanee and scenes will appear to be set in Kewanee but you won’t recognize the city in All Gone Wrong as the movie was actually shot in the St. Louis area where filmmaker Josh Guffey is based.

Josh Guffey’s inspiration for the story is based on conversations with actual undercover officers from the Quad Cities Metropolitan Enforcement Group but it is not based on any specific story. If you search for the story of All Gone Wrong you won’t find anything similar from Kewanee history.

The story is set in modern day, 2023, though Josh Guffey stated that the story he based the movie on came from a real case in the late 1980s.

No Kewanee Police Officers have died in the line of duty, undercover or otherwise. The film stars Jake Kaufman as Chris Halvorson, a Drug Enforcement Agent who looks to find justice after his rookie partner is killed in a drug bust gone wrong. That scene is set in Silvis, Illinois, though it was not filmed there. That plot point brings the character of Chris Halvorson to Kewanee where he intends to investigate the man who may have caused his partner’s death, a drug kingpin named Lamont Hughes, played by Tony Todd. The Hughes character operates a bar in Kewanee and operates a drug empire that extends from Kewanee to the Illinois Quad Cities. Hughes is not a real character, he’s based on several different characters from stories Josh Guffey gleaned from retired members of the Quad Cities Metropolitan Enforcement Group.

Why is the story set in Kewanee? According to Josh Guffey, he chose to set the story of All Gone Wrong in Kewanee because small towns like Kewanee are rarely used as a setting for this kind of crime story.


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