Kewanee Students Earn Seal of Biliteracy


In a remarkable academic achievement, 37 students from Kewanee High School have earned the Seal of Biliteracy and Commendation toward Biliteracy, affirming their proficiency in both Spanish and English. This recognition, awarded by the Illinois State Board of Education, highlights their linguistic abilities and preparedness for a globalized future. Achieving these honors requires not only passing the English section of the SAT but also reaching advanced or intermediate levels on the STAMP test, guided by standards from the American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages. This accomplishment underscores the importance of multilingual education in enhancing career and college readiness.

First Row: Tori Dennison*, Vanessa Cardoso, Stephanie Espinoza, Amaris Sanchez*, Hannah Tiska*, Andrea Lang, Alex Hager*, Jackson Hawkins, James Roginski, Jonathan Sanchez*

Second Row: Crystal De La Torre, Izabel Karns, Melissa Fragoso*, Elena Jackson, Jillian Bennison, Avery Yepsen*, Hope Peed, Isaac Lynes, Laryn Conley*, Noelia Martinez*, Cruz Paredes*, Brady Clark

Third Row: Javier Ochoa Ramos, Armando Moran Caudillo, Jacqueline Del Toro Sanchez, Jersie Duytschaver, Eleanor Burkhart*, Perla Mejia*, Bethany VanWassenhove, Ashley VanWassenhove, Jack Coombes*, Jesus Zepeda, Cooper Bates

Fourth Row: Alison Bartell, Angelica Hernandez, Estrella Morado Mendoza, Addison Gerard

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