Matthew Peed Allowed to Change Address and Seek Employment while on GPS Home Monitoring


Matthew Peed is allowed to move to a new residence and seek employment while on electronic home monitoring and we learned more about his medical issues that got his initial bond reduced.  Judge James Cosby approved Matthew Peed moving in with his girlfriend of two years because of the tension and issues with his current living situation.  His girlfriend testified that she is the person that transports Mr. Peed to his court and medical appointments.  She also takes him to probation appointments and delivers food to his current residence.  Ms. Nanninga said “it’s absolutely appropriate for him to live with me” in response to Defense Attorney Carmen asking if it was appropriate for Mr. Peed to live with her.  Matthew Peed testified that the medical conditions he has that got his initial bond reduced are from a gunshot wound to the chest.  Mr. Peed testified that he suffered critical injuries from a gunshot wound on September 11, 2021, while in New Mexico.  He said he suffered a collapsed lung, broken ribs, had two chest tubes and was on a ventilator.  Mr. Peed said he sees a doctor every three weeks for his recovery from the gunshot wound.

Matthew Peed has been unable to pay for the electronic monitoring because he is on house arrest and unable to seek employment and he is also unable to perform manual labor due to his injuries.  He previously worked manual labor jobs for family friends.  Matthew Peed said he has worked his whole adult life and wants to work now.  Court Services testified that Ms. Nanninga’s home is in good condition and isn’t close to anything concerning to them; however, court services said they are concerned with unrelated minor children being in the residence if Matthew Peed was living there.  Defense Attorney Bruce Carmen testified that Matthew Peed was in very bad physical shape when he first met him.  Mr. Carmen said Mr. Peed is in better health now but the stress in his current living situation is not helping.  Mr. Carmen said “it’s in the best interest for everybody to get him out of that house”.

Assistant State’s Attorney Katie Reynolds requested that Matthew Peed be remanded back to custody of the Henry County Jail because the agreement was for him to reside in his father’s home.  Assistant State’s Attorney Reynolds said “we only have Mr. Peed and Ms. Nanninga’s version of events”.  ASA Reynolds said they have not heard from Matthew’s father or his father’s girlfriend regarding the current living situation.  ASA Reynolds said the jail can transport Mr. Peed to his medial appointments and Mr. Peed wouldn’t have to pay $40 a day for the electronic home monitoring.

Judge James Cosby said he can’t force Matthew’s father or father’s girlfriend to take in Mr. Peed.  Judge Cosby said it appears that there is a suitable residence for Mr. Peed with Ms. Nanninga.  Judge Cosby said it appears that Judge McReynolds contemplated the issues with home monitoring because Mr. Peed was homeless and unemployed at the time as well.  Judge Cosby ruled that Mr. Peed is allowed to move to his girlfriend’s residence.  Mr. Peed is ordered to seek employment but he must work with court services to seek and gain employment.  Mr. Peed is to have no contact with the victim and no unrelated minors are allowed in the house.  A Jury Pre-Trial is scheduled for December 22, 2022, at 1 PM.

Matthew Peed is charged with Aggravated Battery with a Firearm (Class 1 Felony), Aggravated Battery in a public place (Class 3 Felony), Reckless Discharge of a firearm (Class 4 Felony) and Aggravated Assault with a firearm/vehicle (Class 3 Felony) from a disturbance on June 30, 2021, in the 500 block of Franklin Street.  An arrest warrant was issued for Matthew Peed on July 1, 2021, for $150,000 (10%).  Mr. Peed was arrested on the warrant on September 27, 2022, by the Henry County Sheriff’s Office.  Judge Dana McReynolds lowered his bond to $10,000 (10%) on September 28th, GPS Monitoring required and no contact with the victim.

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