Medication Take-Back Receptacle Available Year-Round at Henry County Courthouse


The Henry County Sheriff’s Office has partnered with Inmar to provide a year-round convenient medication take-back program for easy disposal of leftover, unused and out-of-date prescription and other-the-counter medications. In an effort to help reduce the risk of drugs in the home that can potentially harm children, teens or adults, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office has set up a secure, safe drop-off location inside the Henry County Courthouse located at 307 W. Center Street, Cambridge. Items, such as inhalers and needles, can’t be placed in the receptacle. There are instructions on the receptacle and the receptacle is available during normal business hours.

Unused medications in the home are a source of drug abuse in millions of homes, with the opioid crisis in the United States fueled in part by that availability: 47% of misused prescription pain relievers are given by, bought from or taken from a friend or relative. On average, an American dies of a drug overdose every 5 minutes.

“We want to provide the citizens in our community with the safe, secure opportunity to clean out their medicine cabinets and make their homes and communities safer,” said the Henry County Sheriff Joshua Verscheure. “We want to remind people that they should not flush drugs down the toilet. Traces of drugs can appear in community drinking water. Our drug disposal unit, which is easily accessible in the courthouse, is a great answer to that problem and it’s simple to do. All they do is just come in, look for the big green receptacle and take it from there. Drugs can be dropped off with no questions asked.”

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