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Meet the 2023 Miss World Festival Pageant Queens


Meet the 2023 Miss World Festival Pageant Queens!  On August 5, 2023, a new court of lades were crowned the 2023 Miss World Festival Queens and they wasted no time assuming their duties by supporting the 2023 Bureau County Fair Queens on Sunday.  According to the Facebook page, The goal of the Miss World Festival Pageant is to give young ladies the chance to lead by example.  The pageant was dedicated in memory of 6-year-old Brycelyn Powell, who unexpectedly passed away on January 5, 2023.  Brycelyn is described as Strong, funny, full of life, fearless and brave.  A tribute wall with Angel Wings was on display in memory of Brycelyn.

Miss World Festival:  Whitney Godsil, Ingrid Hayes (1st Runner Up) and Allie Bowlyou (2nd Runner Up)

Junior Miss:  Whitney Minton, Eva Ceja (1st Runner Up) and Molly Hawk (2nd Runner Up)

Little Miss:  Brynlee Bowker, Kamdyn Powell (1st Runner Up) and Breckyn Granell (2nd Runner Up)

Mini Miss:  Ruby VanDeVelde, Quinn Moore (1st Runner Up) and Camreigh Jacobson (2nd Runner Up)

Miss World Festival 2023 Whitney Godsil of Victoria. Daughter of Angie and Pat Godsil

1st Runner Up
Ingrid Hays

2nd Runner Up
Allie Bowlyou

Junior Miss World Festival 2023 Whitney Minton of Kewanee. Daughter of Piper and Craig Armbright and Skip Minton

1st Runner Up
Eva Ceja

2nd Runner Up
Molly Hawk

Little Miss World Festival 2023 Brynlee Bowker of Koxville. Daughter of Jen and Tom Bowker

1st Runner Up
Kamdyn Powell

2nd Runner Up
Breckyn Granell

Mini Miss World Festival 2023 Ruby VanDeVelde of Kewanee. Daughter of Chrissy and Chad VanDeVelde

1st Runner Up
Quinn Moore

2nd Runner Up
Camreigh Jacobson

Hospitality – Whitney Godsil
Congeniality- Whitney Godsil
Photogenic- Sydney Hannam
Directors Award- Saphyre Murphy
Interview- Ingrid Hays
Junior Miss
Hospitality- Abbrielle Ensley
Congeniality- Ava Frakes
Photogenic- Molly Hawk
Directors Award- Abbrielle Ensley
Interview- Cheznie Engle
Little Miss
Hospitality- Lia Barraza Sloan
Congeniality- Bryleigh Secrist
Photogenic- Charlie DeCap
Directors Award- Calli Johnson and Gracelynn Finney
Interview- Brynlee Bowker
Mini Miss
Hospitality- Cayleigh Rocker
Congeniality- Brynley Clendenin
Photogenic- Hensley Powell
Directors Award- Jocelyn Wexell and Karma Schaefer
Interview- Ruby VanDeVelde
2023 Miss World Festival Pageant Volunteers and Judges


Stephanie and Jeanna in the tribute for 6-year-old Brycelyn Powell. Brycelyn Powell passed away in January 2023. Her sisters participated in the pageant this year.


First Official Duty for the 2023 Miss World Festival Queens. From Left, Back Row: Whitney Minton (Junior Miss) and Whitney Godsil (Miss) and Front Row: Brynee Bowker (Little Miss) and Ruby VanDeVelde (Mini Miss)

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