Michael Lindquist Takes Open Plea on Monday, Sentencing on June 1st


A Cambridge man denied a reduction in bond on March 29th, so he could attend a Rehabilitation Facility in Pekin, Illinois, has accepted an Open Plea on April 3rd.  Michael Lindquist, 38, was scheduled for a Jury Trial on April 4th but decided to accept a partially-negotiated plea on Monday instead.  The State and Defense were working on details of a possible fully-negotiated plea in March but were unable to come to an agreement before the March 27th Final Pre-trial.  Lindquist Plead Guilty to Driving on a Revoked Driver’s License for case 2022CF69, Driving on a Revoked Driver’s License for case 2022CF93 and Possession of Meth <5 Grams and Resisting Peace Officer for case 2022CF355. Sentencing is scheduled for June 1, 2023, at 11 AM.

On February 9, 2022, and March 16, 2022, Lindquist was cited for Driving on a Revoked Driver’s license follow traffic stops in Geneseo and Cambridge.  On December 15, 2022, Officer’s were dispatched to a Pharmacy in Cambridge for an alarm.  Officer’s observed a subject flee the area on a dirtbike.   Lindquist was taken into custody following a brief pursuit and a substance testing positive for Methamphetamine was found on his person.  Lindquist was charged with Resisting Arrest after he pulled away from Officer’s and fled on a dirtbike.

Mr. Lindquest testified at his Bond Reduction hearing that he knows he needs help for substance abuse and that he is ready to get help and change his life.  According to Attorney Camp, Mr. Lindquist did the legwork to find the Rehab facility in Pekin and secure a bed; However, his bond reduction was denied due to multiple felony cases plus two older cases awaiting sentencing.

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