Michigan Man Got 16 Years in IDOC for Possession of Over 800 Grams of Meth


A Michigan man got 16 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) for Possession of Methamphetamine from a traffic stop by the Illinois State Police for driving too closely.  David Payne, 47, of Garden City, Michigan accepted a Plea Deal on Monday in the Henry County Circuit Court.  Payne plead guilty to Count 6, Possession of Meth 400<900 Grams, and the remaining charges are dismissed by the State.  Payne got 16 years in IDOC (must serve 50%), 18 months Mandatory Supervised Release, Credit for Time served plus fines and assessments.  Payne must report within 45 days of release from IDOC to make payment arrangements for money owed.

On June 10, 2021, the Illinois State Police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that was following too closely.  The Trooper identified the driver of the vehicle as David Payne from his Michigan driver’s license.  The Trooper conducted a vehicle search based on the smell of raw cannabis.  The search found over 800 grams of Methamphetamine in the spare tire compartment of the vehicle.  A search of Mr. Payne’s person found $3,400 in cash.  The suspected methamphetamine samples tested positive by the Illinois State Police Lab.

David Payne was originally charged with two counts of Methamphetamine Trafficking (Class X Felony), Delivery of Meth 900+ Grams (Class X Felony), Possession of Meth 900+ Grams (Class X Felony), Delivery of Meth 400<900 Grams (Class X Felony) and Possession of Meth 400<900 Grams (Class X Felony).

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