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More Odd Posts in Kewanee Facebook Group


Beware of strange posts in online facebook groups. The latest unusual post has the original poster claiming…

Our neighbor Mr white aged 87 took a stroll on friday around 4:00 pm from #kewanee
He left with their dog meggie and he hasn’t returned. he has dementia and is hearing-impaired. There is a silver alert activated as well. Please help me bump this post (this is his recent picture with their dog )so he can be found safely and quickly as well as their pet:”

Attached is a photo of an elderly man. That photo, according to a Google image search, was taken from a GoFundMe campaign for an 80 year California man. It’s unclear what the intention of the post is given that the man in the photo is neither missing nor from Kewanee. Previous and similar posts in the Kewanee Buy Sell Trade Facebook page, mostly related to missing or injured pets, were intended to trick people into sharing the post at which point those who shared the post may be approached by scam artists seeking help finding the pet in the photo, including financial donation.

Other recent scams popping up in local Kewanee Facebook groups include fake posts about Houses for rent, a warning about a man going door to door asking for money that included a photo of a man from Blackpool, England, and a post about a woman claiming to be searching for her birth parents. Each post came from a Facebook account created within the last few days.

And that is one thing to look for in these attempted viral scam posts: the amount of time the original poster has had a Facebook account. A recently created account that immediately starts posting photos regarding missing people or pets is a good indication that a potential scam is being worked on. Bottom line, do not share any posts that ask specifically to be shared unless you know for certain that the person asking for the post to be shared is a real person with a real need.

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