Mystery Woodhull Resident $3 Million Dollars Richer After Lottery Winner


Someone in Woodhull is $3 million dollars richer. The Illinois Lottery has announced that a winning ticket worth $3 million dollars was sold at the BP in Woodhull. “A lucky Illinois Lottery player purchased a 200X Payout Instant Ticket for $30, and scored the top prize of $3 million” an Illinois Lottery official stated in an official press release. “I am so excited but still can’t believe it!” exclaimed Jennifer Damer, store manager at the BP in Woodhull. “It’s so surprising to me that our local, little gas station sold a ticket that won such a big prize!”

BP in Woodhull

“We are the go-to stop for many townfolk, including farmers who live nearby and truck drivers passing through,” added Damer. “Most of them even sit for a while and enjoy our freshly-made breakfast biscuits and chat about the news and weather each morning. In fact, if our regulars aren’t here in the mornings, we know something is wrong.”

When asked if she knows who may have won the prize, Damer chuckled and said, “Lately, all anyone can talk about is the $3 million winning lottery ticket – everyone in our tiny town is trying to figure out who the lucky winner is.”

“We have an idea of who it could be, and we especially hope it’s someone local. But ultimately, I would really like to congratulate whoever won, and share in the excitement of this moment with them,” expressed Damer. For selling the winning ticket, the BP station will receive a cash bonus of one percent of the prize amount, or $30,000.

“We are so thrilled for the winner,” shared Philip Edat, owner of the BP in Woodhull. “And we are so happy to get a little piece of the pie, as well.”

When asked what he plans to do with the cash bonus for selling the winning ticket, Edat said, “Some of the bonus will be used for improvements to our store, but more importantly, I plan to share the bonus with my seven loyal and dedicated employees. This way, we all get to celebrate the exciting win!”

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