Owens Sentenced to Probation and 180 Days in Jail for Breaking into Reiman’s in Kewanee


A 42-year-old man from Atkinson accepted a plea deal today for breaking into the Harley Davidson dealership in Kewanee over Hog Days weekend.  Lucas Owens pleaded guilty to Burglary, Aggravated Battery to a Police Officer and Aggravated DUI and the remaining counts are dismissed under the plea agreement.  On September 3, 2023, the Kewanee Police Department was dispatched to Reiman’s Harley Davidson for a male subject breaking into the building.  A witness saw a male subject break the front window of the store and enter the building.  Upon entering the business, video surveillance shows Mr. Owens walking around looking at motorcycles before choosing a motorcycle to sit on.  Mr. Owens was seen on video surveillance driving a red Dodge truck into the parking lot of the store before exiting the truck and breaking the front window of the store.  Lucas Owen’s driving privileges were revoked at the time from a prior driving under the influence conviction.  Officers arrived to the scene and encountered Owens at the rear of the building in the alley.  One Kewanee Officer attempted to detain Owens when Owens smacked away the Officer’s arm and began punching the officer in the face.  Officers were able to detain Owens as additional Officers arrived to assist, one officer deployed his taser during the altercation.  Officers noticed a strong order of alcohol on Owns and that his eyes were glossy.  Owens was transported to OSF St. Luke in Kewanee.  A Blood Alcohol Concentration of 0.246 returned from samples taken at OSF St. Luke Hospital.

Lucas Owens pleaded guilty to Count 1 for Burglary, Count 2 for Aggravated Battery to a Police Officer and Count 5 for Aggravated Driving Under the Influence.  Owens was sentenced to 24 Months Probation, 180 days in jail with credit for time served and day-for-day credit (54 days days served), $500 fine, $500 Public Defender Fee, have no contact with Reiman’s Harley Davidson, have no contact with Dennis Packee or Scott Packee and pay $1,580 in restitution.  The Court ordered the Restitution to be paid first.  For Aggravated Battery of a Police Officer, Owens was given a $500 fine.  For Aggravated DUI, Owens was given a $1,500 fine.  Owens is to have no possession or consumption of alcohol or drugs, must seek Alcohol and Drug Evaluation and recommended Treatment, submit to Random Drug Testing and pay associated fee and attend a Victim Impact Panel.  Owens was granted a full waiver of waivable assessments.  The $30 per day for credit for time served will only apply to fines.  Owens must pay a $25 per month probation fee and pay $50 per month towards Restitution and Fines beginning January 8, 2024.  Owens was remanded to serve the remaining 36 days of his sentence in the Henry County Jail.

Owens was originally charged with Criminal Damage to Property (Class A Misdemeanor), Burglary (Class 2 Felony), Resisting a Peace Officer (Class B Misdemeanor), Aggravated DUI (Class 4 Felony, and Aggravated Battery to a Police Officer (Class 2 Felony).

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