Peoples National Bank Highlights Scam of the Week: SMISHING


Peoples National Bank wants the community to be prepared if they are the subject of a scam. The latest scam highlighted in PNB’s Scam of the Week is called “SMISHING.’ A combination of the acronym SMS and Phishing, a type of email based scam, SMISHING involves scammers sending out text messages claiming to be from your bank. In the text they will tell you that there is a problem with the security of your bank account. The text includes a link that takes you to what looks like your banking website but in reality, it’s a spoof site. Once you enter your banking information to resolve this supposed security issue, they will use your information to purchase crypto-currency which they can then turn into cash. The bottom line, do not click an unrequested link purporting to be from your bank. If you receive a suspicious text message, contact your bank directly before proceeding, and contact the Police to inform them of the potential scam.

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