Peoria County Humane Society Accepting Donations to Aid Dogs Rescued from Home in Princeville


The Peoria Humane Society is working with the Peoria County Animal Protection Service to care for dozens of dogs and cats recovered from squalid conditions at a home in Princeville last weekend. 41 year old Stacy R. Mueller was arrested last week after the Peoria County Sheriff’s Office received a tip regarding the conditions for dogs being kept on property she occupied. An investigation led to a shed on the property with 12 dogs inside. The shed was said to have been exceedingly hot at the time and neither water or food for the dogs was found inside or near the shed. One of the dogs had died and was still lying in the shed. Several more pets, dogs and cats were found in ill-health inside the residence.

The Peoria County Sheriff’s Office called PCAPS and they retrieved the animals. Now, PCAPS and the Peoria County Humane Society have the expensive task of tending to the well-being of these rescued animals. From PCAPS Director Becky Spencer spoke with WKEI via email on Monday, May 15th, saying: “We are currently working to assess and ready the animals for adoption. The dogs will need extra attention including grooming and veterinary care. The non-profit organization, The Peoria Humane Society is helping us with this case. If anyone is interested in supporting these animals with a donation, we would encourage them to donate to the Peoria Humane Society. Donate (”

You can help these pets recover and support the humane society by donating at this link:

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