Peoria County Scores Guilty Verdict in New Years Murder Case


A jury in Peoria County has returned a guilty verdict in the case of a murder that occurred on New Years Day. 28 year old Robert White of Peoria has been found guilty of First Degree Murder in the death of 33 year old Daniella Jackson. According to information presented to the jury in this case, White as an attendee at a New Year’s Eve Party hosted by Jackson and 41 year old Levi Conway. Sometime after midnight, White got into an argument with another partygoer and Conway intervened to calm the situation down. The party was ended and guests, including White were ushered out. However, not long after leaving, White returned and shot Conway for having interfered earlier. Whiten then shot Daniella Jackson 4 times before fleeing the scene. Conway survived the attack but Jackson’s injuries were too severe. White was found guilty this week and will be sentenced in this case on July 12th, 2023. White faces the potential of a life sentence.

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