Peoria Man Convicted in New Year’s Day Murder Case


On New Year’s Day, three friends were spending the holiday together. Only two of them would survive, only one of them would walk away from the night uninjured. More than 6 months later, Robert White has been convicted of killing Daniella Jackson and badly injuring Levi Conway who was lucky to survive his injuries. The jury in the case reached its verdict on Friday, July 14th. During the hearing, Daniella Jackson’s mother, Rosalyn Jackson, pleaded with White for answers. She shared her struggle to forgive White, who had been a close family friend, and the heartache she has that Daniella’s life is over. “Daniella will never have the opportunity to be a mother, and I will never be a grandmother,” said Jackson as she fought back tears throughout the hearing.

From the press release: “In imposing the sentence, Judge Kevin Lyons said to White, “To be murdered by your own friend is almost more than a murder. It’s about as diabolical as it gets. What a tragedy you made of this family, and what a shame to be murdered by your own friend.” He then sentenced White to 55 years for killing Jackson and 14 years for injuring Conway. Those sentences will be served one after another.”

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