Saint Malachy’s School Looking for Alternatives to ARP Grant after Henry County Board Rejection


Update: Soon after we reported this story, St. Malachy officials informed WKEI that there is a fundraiser taking place on March 11th, 2023. It’s the annual St. Malachy Car Party organized by the St. Malachy Parents Club. You can contact the school for further details on how to donate.

At the February Henry County Board Meeting on Thursday, February 23rd, the Henry County Board voted against awarding a grant to Saint Malachy’s School in Geneseo. The decision was not an easy one as members of the board fervently argued for and against why the School deserved to receive an American Rescue Plan Grant. In the end, a majority of the Board determined that the School did not fully meet the requirements for awarding American Rescue Plan funds. WKEI reached out to Saint Malachy’s School for comment regarding the Board decision not to award the grant.

“We will not resubmit another grant, primarily because I do not believe there is another grant available. In terms of what it means for our school, we will have to find another source for purchasing the requested Language Arts Curriculum, likely via fundraising.”

St. Malachy’s School is working to determine the most effective way forward with a fundraising effort and when they do, we will pass that along here on For now, you can follow Saint Malachy’s School on Facebook for updates on a potential fundraising effort.

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