The City of Kewanee Solicitor Permit for IGS Energy


If a representative from IGS Energy Company knocks on your door, they have a valid Solicitor’s permit from the City of Kewane.  At the last Council Meeting, Kasey Mitchell talked about a solar company that requested a Solicitor’s Permit from the City to go door-to-door and inform residents about energy options.  Kasey Mitchell said she researched the company and found they were a valid company. City Attorney, Justin Raver, suggested the city get verified contact information from the company.  Kasey Mitchell added that she can research the company before issuing a permit.  Company’s pay a $100 fee for the Solicitor’s permit.  The City Council discussed opting out of the Bond Requirement for a permit, which is $1,000 to $5,000 and can take up to two years to return to the company upon completion of the work.

Should someone come to your door trying to sell you something, ask to see their permit. If they do not have one, the City of Kewanee suggests you ask them to leave and inform the Police Dept at the non-emergency number 309-853-1911.

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