Three Vehicle Accident Sends Two People to the Hospital on Sunday


Two females were pinned between their cars after a third vehicle struck one of the vehicles involved in the first accident.  After a two vehicle accident by Dairy Queen and Performance Cycles, the drivers exited their vehicles and were standing between them looking at the damage to their vehicles.  A third vehicle struck one of the vehicles, pushing the vehicle into the two drivers of the initial accident.  They were temporarily pinned between their cars but were both able to get out from between the vehicles and were walking around prior to Police and EMS arrival.  Both females were transported to the hospital, we do not know the extent of their injuries.

If you are in an accident and it is safe to remain in the vehicle, you should remain in your vehicle until Police arrive and it is safe to exit your vehicle.  If you can safely move your vehicle, move your vehicle off the roadway if possible.  Thank you Kewanee Police Department for the safety tips when in an accident.

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