Voting to Name New Kewanee Police K9 Officer Underway with Kewanee Elementary School Students


Kewanee Police Chief Nick Welgat tells that voting to name the new Kewanee Police Department K9 Officer is underway among Kewanee Elementary School Students. The naming project, announced in the most recent Kewanee City Council Packet on Friday, aims to give a name to the new Kewanee K9 Officer by March 13th, the day that Officer and K9 Handler Josh Carpenter and his new K9 partner leave for a 10 week training course.

From Chief Welgat “We couldn’t decide on a new name so we are asking all Kewanee elementary school children to pick their favorite name of the list provided below. Teachers will be recording the votes of each student so we can determine the winning name. We will also have a drawing of the students that voted for the winning name. We will select one student that gets to have a pizza party for their class hosted by our new K-9 and his handler. Voting ends March 10th.”

Names to be voted on by Kewanee Elementary School Students include


Officer Carpenter introduced his new partner in a Facebook video on the Kewanee Police Department Facebook Page.

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