Wake Up Tri-Counties Kewanee City Wide Clean Up with Keith Edwards


The Kewanee City Wide Clean Up is set to take place this Saturday in Kewanee. You must have proof of Kewanee residence to participate. Keith Edwards, Kewanee’s Director of Community Development joined Wake Up Tri-Counties on Wednesday to talk about the items you can and cannot bring to the Kewanee City Wide Clean Up this Saturday. Hours for the City Wide Clean Up are 7 Am to 12 Noon. Show up any time if you’d like to volunteer to help unload vehicles, be sure to bring gloves. Otherwise, if you are dropping off items, be sure your vehicle is hand unloadable. The Kewanee City Wide Clean Up takes place at the former site of Kewanee Hospital on Elliott Street and Division in Kewanee.

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