Wake Up Tri-Counties Podcast Interview Documentary Director David Siev ‘Bad Axe’


The documentary Bad Axe is nominated for several Critics Choice Documentary Awards. Director David Siev joined WKEI on Monday to talk about the documentary that follows his family, owners of a restaurant in Bad Axe, Michigan, during the pandemic, the George Floyd protests, the 2020 election and a struggling economy. David’s father was a survivor of the killing fields of Cambodia and the documentary began life as a story about the American dream his father had achieved in surviving, coming to America, and life since them. The pandemic and politics changed everything and turned the Siev family into a remarkable microcosm of a tumultuous time in American history. Bad Axe is currently on the festival circuit and will hopefully be streaming early next year. You can follow along on Facebook for information on how you can see Bad Axe.

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