Wake Up Tri-Counties Profiling the Kewanee Prairie Chicken Festival 2023 Part 2: Heather Olalde and Sue Blake


Time for part two of our three part profile of this year’s Kewanee Prairie Chicken Arts Festival. In this profile of the 2023 festival, we spoke with Heather Olalde and Sue Blake about a big feature event this year, student re-enactments of the Kewanee Murals. As part of the original Prairie Chicken Arts Festival, students performed in skits enacting the actions depicted in the Kewanee Murals. This year, the organizers of the Prairie Chicken Festival have asked Heather Olalde and a whole new group of students to do it all over again in tribute to the incredible Kewanee Mural Project. Mural Re-Enactments will take place on Saturday Afternoon, July 22nd in the tent in downtown Kewanee. Meanwhile, Sue Blake talked about the more than 1000 art pieces submitted by kids from across our local school districts which will be going on display beginning July 17th and continuing through the end of the Kewanee Prairie Chicken Festival on Saturday, July 22nd, in downtown Kewanee.

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