Wake Up Tri-Counties Shanna in a Dress Coming to the Levitt Amp Galva Music Series


Who is Shanna in a Dress? She’s a delightful open book who doesn’t mind genre labels and writes music as quickly as she can think of it. Shanna, whose name you will understand when you hear the story she tells in concert, joined Wake Up Tri-Counties on Wednesday to talk about music, sharing herself with the world, writing music and her love for live performance. It’s a fun and funny conversation which is very similar to her live shows where Shanna loves talking about her life with the crowd and singing the songs she’s written about her experiences in the world. Shanna in a Dress was a wonderful guest this morning on Wake Up Tri-Counties and you don’t want to miss hearing her play live this Sunday, June 16th in Wiley Park in Galva at the Levitt Amp Music Series.

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