Wake Up Tri-Counties Superintendent Dr. Chris Sullens Honors Kewanee Band, Reflects on Class of 2024


Dr. Chris Sullens joined Wake Up Tri-Counties on Tuesday to reflect on Monday’s Kewanee School Board Meeting. Dr. Sullens talked about the incredible achievements of Kewanee’s band, IHSA Music Sweepstakes State Champions, and the recent celebration of 100 Years of the Kewanee High School Band. Dr. Sullens also honored members of the FFA and the Kewanee Softball team. And, Dr. Sullens offered words of praise for Kewanee High School Athletic Director, Tim Atwell, recently named 1A/2A Athletic Director of the year. Finally, near the end of our interview, Dr. Sullens looked back on the class of 2024, freshman who arrived just as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and now graduates of Kewanee High School.

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