Warner Defense Denied Bond Reduction and Monitored Release for Medical Issues


Jerni Warner remains in custody of the Henry County Jail on a $1 Million Bond for the deaths of Garry and Leah Kelly on September 5, 2021, when she was 17-years-old.  Defense Attorney Sullivan submitted a Motion to change Bond Conditions because of medical issues he claims are worsening for Jerni Warner and not being addressed but the Motion Hearing turned into Motions to Reduce Bond or Monitored Release.  Ms. Warner was transferred to the Henry County Jail almost two months ago.  Mr. Sullivan said she has barely been given any medical care since she’s been in the Henry County Jail even though she has seen a nurse twice.  Attorney Sullivan said Jerni Warner has been recommended for a colonoscopy but he didn’t indicate who recommended the procedure.

Dr. Abdelrahim “For a young adult, a colonoscopy isn’t recommended unless other workups or tests indicate that there’s good reason for a more thorough check of your colon.  Typically, screening colonoscopies begin at age 45 and are done every 10 years. If you’re higher risk, however, your doctor may recommend beginning screening colonoscopies earlier and having them more frequently according to Houston Methodist.  Dr. Maen Abdelrahim is a gastrointestinal medical oncologist at Houston Methodist.

Mr. Sullivan said that Jerni’s mother set up appointments for her because she has had continuing symptoms; However, Assistant State’s Attorney Reynolds said that the Henry County Jail sets up appointments outside the jail when necessary.  Attorney Reynolds said that the State’s Attorney’s office hasn’t been made aware of any issues with jail staff from Ms. Warner.  Mr. Sullivan said Ms. Warner still has impacted wisdom teeth.  He said Jerni was told by the Sheriff’s Office that they won’t address dental issues because they do not deal with dental issues, we have reached out to Sheriff Loncka for confirmation.

Defense Attorney Sullivan said “Ms. Runty isn’t the problem”.  He said he thinks his client is entitled to medical care and is concerned his client’s issues are getting worse.  He continued “I’m not saying she has colorectal cancer” but his client’s symptoms need addressed.  He asked the court to allow her to be monitored outside jail or lower her bond to address the issues.  “I think she’s entitled to basic medical care given her symptoms.”  Sullivan said that the Mary Davis Detention Center reached out to State’s Attorney Runty with the new colorectal symptoms.  He said he doesn’t have an issue with State’s Attorney Runty.  “It’s still the Sheriff’s issue.”

Judge Cosby said that he agrees with Attorney Sullivan that the move to the Henry County Jail was for better access to medical treatment.  “Should I lower Ms. Warner’s bond or release her with a monitor?”  Judge Cosby said “I won’t do either of those things”.  Judge Cosby continued “I don’t micromanage people’s medical care in custody”.  Judge Cosby suggested the two parties work together to schedule appointments for medical furlough.  “I won’t stand in the way of a furlough.”  Judge Cosby denied the Motions to Reduce Bond and Release with a Ankle Monitor.  Attorney Sullivan said he has concerns regarding the Sheriff’s Office following an agreement.  Judge Cosby said that in his experience, the Sheriff’s Office will comply with a furlough he signs.

Attorney Sullivan said he is trying to meet with the Emergency Room Doctor regarding the blood and urine samples taken the night of the accident for the Motion to Suppress Impairment Records from the previous Defense Attorney.  Jerni Warner allegedly crossed into oncoming traffic striking the motorcycle the Kelly’s were driving and the SUV behind the Kelly’s.  Garry and Leah Kelly were pronounced deceased on scene and the two adults and five children from the SUV were transported to the hospital. Information released at the Preliminary hearing indicated blood and urine samples from Warner were positive for alcohol and drugs.  Warner is charged with two counts of Aggravated DUI/Death (Class 2 Felony). The Jury Pre-Trial is Continued to November 17, 2022, at 11 AM.

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