Wethersfield Teacher Seeking Help with Sensory Materials for Students


Wethersfield teacher Eleanora Hendrix is reaching out to the public to help obtain items that can help students by addressing their sensory processing needs. Through the website DonorsChoose.org, Ms. Hendrix has created an opportunity for community members to contribute to the purchase of items that can help with the sensory experience and tailor the learning environment to students needs.

“Our primary goal is to effectively impact the lives of students with significant sensory processing needs and increase their ability to learn in the school setting.” says the project page on DonorsChoose.org.

Key sensory aids being introduced include classroom swings for vestibular input, which aid in balance and focus; inflatable furniture providing deep touch pressure for calmness and body awareness; swivel chairs to assist with sensory regulation through spinning motions; and sensory tables that encourage tactile exploration, aiding in fine motor skills development. These tools are expected to make classrooms more inclusive and supportive, fostering better learning outcomes for all students.

The goal for the project has a modest financial goal that is already close to being met. You can make a donation by following this link.

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