Foxx: Biden owns border catastrophe, had authority to secure it


(The Center Square) – President Joe Biden gave “proof positive” that he “owns this border catastrophe, and he’s had the authority to secure the border the entire time,” says a 20th-year North Carolina congresswoman.

Republican Rep. Virginia Foxx said, “Americans are not easily fooled by what the president is doing – they are incredibly smart and discerning.”

Five months ahead of his showdown at the ballot box with former President Donald Trump, the 81-year-old Biden on Tuesday issued an executive order with restrictions on migrants seeking asylum at America’s border with Mexico.

In the days since, Bill Melugin of Fox News at the border in California has reported that the number of crossings has only increased. His interviews with those crossing indicate that people are coming from different countries, with some even separated from the U.S. by oceans.

Foxx, who took office in January 2005 and bids for her 11th term in November, said Biden’s plan would still permit 1.8 million new arrivals per year. That, she said, is “4.5 times the number of illegal aliens that were encountered at our nation’s southern border in fiscal year 2020.”

In her weekly letter to constituents, Foxx wrote, “Clearly, this is not a ‘crackdown’ as the administration wants people to believe. As I have shared with you previously, there have been more than 60 instances in which the administration has undermined America’s border security.”

She gave examples of halting construction of the border wall; terminating the Remain in Mexico program; and “nixing the expulsions of illegal aliens under Title 42.”

North Carolina’s congressional delegation includes a Democrat, Rep. Don Davis, who said the step was overdue. Foxx’s other Republican colleagues roundly criticized Biden’s move as an election strategy.

“We should return to President Trump’s border policies immediately to solve this border catastrophe,” Foxx said. “It’s just that simple.”

Her letter closes with a Ronald Reagan quote, “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”

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