Regional Media Concert for Hunger huge success


(Illinois) Regional Media’s Concert for Hunger, in partnership with Illinois Broadcasters Association and Feeding Illinois, that aired live from 12 PM to 5 PM on Good Friday, added substantially to the fundraising goal of $1,350,000.00.

Radio stations across the state with listeners from more than half of all Illinois counties, all merged together for the Concert for Hunger featuring artists like Stephanie Quayle, who made her Grand Ole Opry debut in April of 2018, perform right from their homes.

Other artists from the worlds of Country, Rock, Christian, Pop, and more contributed their music throughout the broadcast. Many performers paid tribute to the late John Prine who passed away this week due to COVID-19. Heavy hearts gave way to beautiful tributes and led to amazing charity across Illinois.

 “It was unbelievable. I actually got choked up when we began airing the broadcast. It was amazing that so many people came together to pull this off” said Fletcher M. Ford CEO of Regional Media.

In addition to the unprecedented audience during Friday’s live performance, replays of the broadcast continue to reach thousands as the goal continues into the week.

Currently, the fundraising has reached an unbelievable $1,310,355 and continues to drive for the goal of $1,350,000 as broadcasters continue to unite against hunger for Illinois throughout the month. 

Mike Miller, President & CEO, River Bend Foodbank went on to say, “With the COVID19 crisis our work has been turned upside down, with the added pressure of having to purchase food because of donation sources drying up, additional fuel costs, the need is greater than ever”

Feeding Illinois distributes donations to 8 food banks spread across Illinois. Those food banks service dozens of local food banks in communities big and small. By helping Feeding Illinois, your donation to the Concert for Hunger will help families across the state not go hungry during this remarkably difficult time.

“This was one of the coolest events I’ve been a part of during my career in media. To be able to bring all these artists together to raise money for a much-needed cause is truly amazing. And we couldn’t have pulled it off without the support of our partners, Edwards Marketing, The Back Road Music Festival, Galva Levitt Amp Music Series, Done Right TV, and the Illinois Broadcasters Association.”

A replay of the event will be announced at a later date.

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