Kewanee Bowling Out-Rolls Morton


Full report on the Kewanee Bowling team versus Morton courtesy of Coach Marland Rachel…

Here are the results of the bowling match with Morton (their first season competing). It was a varsity meet only. The girls stepped up their game tonight as they rocked the pins at Pin Splinter Lanes. In their three-game series, they opened up with a 924 and Mya Mirocha rolled her first 200 of the night with a 201. Coming off of that high game, Mya increased her average by throwing 8 strikes in a row, a spare in the ninth frame, followed by a strike, and then an open in the tenth for a 266. That combined with the other team members’ high scores of 196 (Aspen) and 162 (Kristina) they bowled another round of 974 pins. The third round was solid as the ladies ended their three games with a 923. I was quite impressed with how the team competed tonight.

Total Pinfall
KHS- 2821
Morton- 2017

High Game-
Mya Mirocha 266, 201
Aspen Schwickerath has an honorable mention with 196
Ella Smallenberger- 181
Cheyenne Durbin- 143

High Series-
Mya Mirocha 646
Aspen Schwickerath 565
Kristina Armstrong 504
Ella Smallenberger- 416
Taylor Rice- 393

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