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Kewanee Bowling Results Against Abingdon


The Kewanee Bowling team defeated Abingdon. Coach Marland Rachel provided background and scores from Kewanee’s winning bowling effort.

The ladies did superb bowling last night! When they opened with 1053 pins they set their standards high. In game 2 they dropped to 879 but they came back in the third game and ended it with 1036. They bowled well and it was quite interesting as many of the young ladies had received new bowling balls over Christmas break and this was the first chance they had to put them to use in a competition. They did well in Abingdon and this weekend, with expectations high, look forward to seeing what they can do in the Abingdon Invite.

The high Game was a tie! Mya Mirocha and Kristina Armstrong 224
The high Series was Mya Mirocha 594 with an honorable mention of Kristina Armstrong with a 542
Another honorable mention is Teralynn Whitcher, who put the new bowling ball to use, generating a 531 series.

High Game was Ella (no last name provided)- 174
Honorable Mention- Jenna 167
High Series was Ella- 479
Honorable mention- Addy- 419

Team scores KHS Team Scores Abingdon
Game 1- 1053 701
Game 2- 879 886
Game 3- 1036 831

Total pinfall 2968 2418

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