Kewanee Bowling Team Out-Rolls Ottawa


Full results and updates from Kewanee Bowling Coach Marland Rachel…

The KHS bowling team traveled to Ottawa last night hoping to continue their winning streak. The bowlers competed in a 6-on-6 varsity match and a JV match. The varsity team was able to hold on, setting high marks and winning the series. The JV match was 4 on 4 so it was not an actual match yet the results were Ottawa 1010 and KHS 1181.
Of the 3 games, the scores are as follows:
Kewanee Ottawa
813 788
955 743
886 798
Total pin fall
2654 2329

There was a little bit of struggle trying to find the marks to close the frames at times, but as more and more frames were closed, the confidence of the girls increased and they performed well.
Varsity high game:
KHS- Mya Mirocha- 233
Honorable Mention Aspen Schwickerath 189 and Kristina Armstrong with a 175

Ottawa- Rylee Harsted- 173
Honorable mention- Dawn Hudkins- 168, Kilah Figenbaum- 158

Varsity series
KHS- Mya Mirocha- 543
Honorable mention Aspen Schwickerath- 478

Ottawa- Dawn Hudkins- 501
Honorable Mention- Rylee Harsted 410

High Game was Heaven Pinnick 136
High Series- Heaven Pinnick 326

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