Kewanee Soccer Moves on in Playoff Action with Win Over Roanoke


Results and comments courtesy of Jose Bermudez…

Saturday semifinal for the boilermakers against Roanoke, day was cold and windy, making it hard to play.
Kewanee came with the mentality of winning, nobody wanted this game to be the last one of the season.
The boilers took control of the match since the beginning. Creating many chances to score, until we had a corner kick, and JJ connected a header to score the first goal.
Second half Roanoke try little harder but not enough.
Positive note is that Cristian Cazares came back after two weeks of not playing cause of an injury, he scored again.
Kewanee won 3-0 and made it to the regionals final vs Mendota on Wednesday at 7

JJ Roginski 1
Isidro Martinez 1
Cristian Cazares 1

Cristian Cazares 2
JJ Roginski 1


Dillon Price 3

Final score:
Kewanee 3-0 Roanoke

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